Thursday, 13 August 2020

2020 Autumn Conference - Let's get Physical: WIRELESS

Let's Get Physical - Autumn 2020
Held on 12th - 16th October 2020: Five days of Physics goodness on: 


We explore ways to optimise the use of radio frequencies to transmit more data, more reliably and faster, addressing today's and future communication needs

The 2020 Tommy Flowers Network conference “Let’s Get Physical” had a real treat for day two. 

We focussed on Wireless Communications and the work of physicists and engineers who are using the physical properties of the electromagnetic spectrum to extend the capabilities of wireless communications.

Maria Cuevas from BT, Applied Research spoke about how we have seen a four-fold growth in mobile traffic globally in the last 5 years and this growth is set to speed up further.  Maria also explored some use-cases for AI driven radio networks, including distributed Massive-MIMO with cooperative pre-coding, cell-less Massive-MIMO and the control of Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces.

Frank Mullany from Nokia Bell Labs spoke about the need for more hardware flexibility – bandwidth, diverse deployments, spectrum, power consumption, and looked at its practicality.

Robert Piechocki from Bristol University examined wireless systems, self-driving vehicles and digital twins.  Did you know, a digital twin is a virtual living representation of physical entity and can be used for training Machine Learning in mission-critical autonomous vehicles?

This was followed by a lively forum discussion where questions from the audience were put to the speakers. 

 Full recording of presentations and forum discussion.
Please visit the speaker pages for short bios, downloads and individual recordings

Maria CuevasBT, Mobile & 5G team
"Wireless Technologies: Emerging Challenges and Opportunities"

Francis Mullany, Nokia Bell Labs, E2E Networking & Service Automation Lab 
"Why Can't Wireless Hardware Be more like Software?"
Prof Robert Piechocki, University of Bristol 
"Wireless systems, self-driving vehicles, and digital twins”

Maria Cuevas, BT, Mobile & 5G team
Francis MullanyNokia Bell Labs, E2E Networking & Service Automation Lab 
Prof Robert Piechocki, University of Bristol 

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