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2020 Autumn Conference - Let's get Physical: SPOTLIGHT on POSTGRADUATES

Let's Get Physical - Autumn 2020 
Held on 12th - 16th October 2020: Five days of Physics goodness on: 


Celebrating their fantastic work in a Lightning Talk competition

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The 2020 Tommy Flowers Network conference “Let’s Get Physical” had a real treat for their special post graduate researcher day.

Opening Keynote
Richard Burguete, NPL, Postgraduate Institute Director
"The Postgraduate Institute of Measurement Science: Celebrating 5 Years of Collaboration "

Richard gave a brilliant overview of NPL with key points: 
  • 5 years of collaboration 
  • They offer impartial and independent advice 
  • They are the UK’s National Metrology Institute 
  • They introduced measure and needs, ensuring fairness in trade and goods. This dates back to Magna Carta 
  • They developed packet switching back in 1966 
  • They created the World’s 1st Caesium Atomic clock in 1955
Richard then went on to discuss their Post Graduate Institute (PGI) which brings together academia and industry to support their 200 PhD students. It’s a way to connect people; understand each other; share problems and solutions and gain a bigger sense and purpose to outcomes and experiences. Very similar to what the Tommy Flowers Network does in BT. 

Then it was ShowTime for the post graduate researchers – a series of 5 minute lightning talks to promote their research. And prizes were up for grabs!

The Judges 
Carol Fletcher, BT, Academic and Research Partnerships
Trevor Linney, BT
Dr Kishore SenguptaJudge Business School, Cambridge University
Dr Philip Stiles, Judge Business School, Cambridge University

It really became clear that the diverse range of topics all have a massive impact on our everyday lives. The energy and passion from each PGR was infectious and their work could feed into BT lines of business plus externally and we will be following up on such opportunities.

Please meet the contestants:

Frank Carver, University of Suffolk
"What do Software Developers Know About Sustainability?"
How a new approach to embed sustainability considerations into software development help could to reduce energy usage. 

Kakia Chatsiou, University of Essex 
"Political text classification using Neural Networks"
Researching the use of neural networks to classify political texts, in particular using COVID-19 briefings from 2020.

Eleanor Crane, UCL/IBM
"From two qubit entangling gates to quantum algorithms, and the steps in-between"
Her research on quantum computing, taking us through an easier way to make qubits.
no slides available

Yi-Tun Lin, University of East Anglia
"Physically Plausible Spectral Reconstruction" 
Using machine learning in spectral reconstruction.

Quantum annealing for network optimisation

Hanna SteventonUniversity of  Suffolk
Smarter Suffolk: Sensors and data for public services
A real-life living lab, and how the data can be used to improve the lives of people living and working in the county.

Whilst the judges were deliberating, we were treated to a lively 

Closing Keynote
Prof Mike Payne, Cambridge University, Department of Physics, The Cavendish Laboratory
"Reflections on a career in science"
 Download slides (.pdf)

Mike's key learning points especially for students and graduates:
  • Find a good solution – not the perfect solution – in tractable time
  • Think about the WHOLE solution and not just the small weakest link
  • Make sure your work stands out from the crowd. How do you do this? Do something others aren’t doing!
  • Get yourself seen – present your work at every opportunity

Congratulations to the Winners
Ella Crane, University College London / IBM
Daniel O'Connor, University College London
Yi-Tin Lin, University of East Anglia

Congratulations to all Lightning Talk presenters for a wonderful performance and bringing this day to live!   
The full recording of presentations
Please visit the speaker pages for short bios, downloads and individual recording

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