Thursday, 13 August 2020

2020 Autumn Conference - Let's get Physical: QUANTUM

Let's Get Physical - Autumn 2020
Held on 12th - 16th October 2020: Five days of Physics goodness on: 

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Light and matter have hidden quantum properties, enabling technology that is faster, more sensitive, spookier...

The day was packed with experts from industry and academia exploring the hot topic “Quantum”.

Cathy White and Marco Menchetti from BT's From Applied Research department talked about Quantum Technology Opportunities; Qubits; Cryptography; QKD and Atomic Clocks.

Carmen Palacios Berraquero - the CEO of a new start up “Nu Quantum” – highlighted industry and their own technical, engineering and commercial challenges.

Prof Kai Bongs from University of Birmingham and the UK Quantum Tech Hub explored sensors that change the world, providing examples such as sensing into the ground; sensing brain function; sensing small objects in the air such as Drones and Quantum Sensor ingredients.

Full recording of presentations and forum discussion.
Please visit the speaker pages for short bios, downloads and individual recordings

Prof Kai BongsUniversity of Birmingham
"Quantum Technology - Sensors that Change the World"

Cathy White, BT, Quantum Technology Research Team
"Quantum Technologies"
Marco MenchettiBT, Quantum Technology Research Team
"Atomic Clocks: The most precise instruments in the world"

Quantum: An Industry Perspective

Liam Bussey, BT Networks Physics Research
Liam Blackwell, UKRI-EPSRC
Prof Kai Bongs, University of Birmingham
Marco Menchetti, BT, Quantum Technology Research Team
Carmen Palacios-Berraquero, CEO Nu Quantum
Prof Tim Spiller, University of York
Prof Paul Warburton, University College London

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