Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Data Science - The beating heart of AI

Another conference produced at the Adastral Park Hybrid studio
We're hoping to be able to invite young researchers on site to watch the production of the conference live
"Top of the Pops - style"!

Data Science is the foundation of AI. We need to combine great data with rigorous analysis to build the machine learning models that power AI applications. We will explore:
  • All models are wrong! – The foundations of modern Data Science
  • That doesn't look right! – How to find the glitches in your data and models (anomaly detection, bias/fairness)
  • Where's my model? – Putting it all together and running the AI factory
Registration will open soon for this conference produced at the Adastral Park Hybrid Studio
Watch the highlights of the last conference on 'Smart Connected Manufacturing'

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