Monday 23 August 2021

iSee teamed up with TFNetworkAutmn21 Conference on "Data Science - The beating heart of AI"

Workshop: 13th - 14th October 2021

At the Tommy Flowers Network Autumn '21 Conference on Data Science - The beating heart of AI

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The iSee project is funded by national European funding councils and co-ordinated by the CHIST-ERA programme.

What do users want when explaining an AI system? 

An Introduction to the iSee Project and Co-Creation Activities

Can you explain the outcomes of AI models for your business? Not everyone can.

There are increasing legal pressures and social obligations for businesses to be able to explain the outcomes of their complex intelligent systems. It is difficult to follow best practice or industry guidelines for a very new and growing aspect of research and development. However, selecting and developing an appropriate explanation strategy is a daunting task. 

To address these challenges, we introduce the iSee project. iSee aims to enable Intelligent Sharing of Explanation Experience by users for users. 

The project will enable the recommendation of the most appropriate explanation strategy to suit the needs of an individual AI system, task and user group. The recommendation will be underpinned by a state-of-the-art AI platform, extracting knowledge from the past explanation experiences and adapting them to ensure compatibility. 

We are employing a User-Centred Design methodology to capture input from a range of stakeholders., making sure that iSee actually supports the users it is built for.

Find out more about iSee and our aims on our website or watch our user story video on YouTube 

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